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Day of Hell in the life of me.

April 15, 2011

So here i am, home from a 9 hour shift of hell at Dollar General.  We won a contest of some sort, and now the CEO is coming to the store on Saturday.  I’m not getting into the details, but mom has been in the hospital for a while and is dealing with a lot right now.  So here is where i’m at.  I just hung up the phone from talking to her about how she is disappointed in me and saying shit like “You should be able to have a relationship with me and your wife” blah blah blah.  So it kinda fucking made me mad, but ok.  Even went on to say that I needed to try and think about others more often than myself.  When i’ve done nothing but run myself ragged for her to get all this shit done for her.  Anyway, she is doing better and thats whats important.  Work just ran me to death, and i’m sick and tired of having to just shoot up in the morning and do it all again, but in my personal life, it just fucking sucks.  I love my mom to pieces, but she is really starting to be herself again and trying to put all the guilt on me.

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