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The past few days in review.

April 17, 2011

So with the overall stress of the past week and the past few days, looking on it now, weren’t that bad.  We are still sitting pretty, thank you God for that, and just enjoying life.  Mom is finally at Grandma’s house, and seems to be doing well.  I’m about to go get my hair cut short again, because i just like it better that way.  So just felt like updating and letting this out.

In other news, my foot fetish really messes with my mind way more than i initially thought it did.  Its like a switch I can’t seem to turn off now, not really a bad thing, but ya know, just something to live with I guess.

Finally feel like i got a bit of my money’s worth into fortress craft,  I made a pixel art of Scott Pilgrim’s head, it was fun, and turned out great!  I think Michelle is right, I need to put Ramona’s head across from his and try to put a heart between them, seems like a good idea.  So thats it, have a nice day, off to get my hair cut!


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