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The fun of Recording!

May 12, 2011

So yesterday was a really cool day.  Me and Ben recorded this audio for something he was writing, and i really liked it.  The characters are funny, i want to see where it can go from here, and it was a good time all around.

Came home, went to bed pretty freakin early.  I can’t break this spell of just constantly being horny, and Michelle is a bit tired of it so I’ve kinda been on my own in that area.

Gotta work today, and since they’re forcing me to step up as a key because Owen is bailing on us this tuesday instead of “Late June” i have to step up and take the mantle, so thats kinda crappy.  Especially since I have no experience closing or openning a DG store.  Eh whatever, life goes on.

Well i suppose its time to figure out something to do before i have to get a shower and walk the trail to work.  Later you guys!


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