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All of July without a single post.

August 7, 2011

I’ve been going through a whole lot with my mom being in and out of the hospital, and trying to do something with her apartment, its been tough.  So if you read this, please continue to pray that her fight with cancer will be one of victory.

So Kyle wants me to come to Brother’s bar tonight to see him and his band play.  I really wanted to go at first, now i’m just kinda mixed feelings, Brett at DG didn’t help much describing the place.  I haven’t heard from Kenny so I don’t know if he’s still coming to pick me up or not, maybe he forgot.  Anyway, thats on the agenda, and i’m a bit skiddish about it.  Only time will tell if this decision was a stupid one or not.

Anyway, thats about it, i really want to keep a podcast going for a while about something.  Me and Ben really need to get back into doing that, oh well, there are so many out there, i think i just want to do it to say that I did it.  So thats about it, just waiting to see if Kenny shows up.

Don’t eat that candy, it just doesn’t look that clean…


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