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Please people, just grow up.

August 31, 2011

So I worked tonight, it was a fairly decent shift, worked with Lorianne.  So Kyle’s EX Kristin(Cristin) however you spell her name.  Came in with her Pot head BF, I don’t really even know his name.

So i’m mopping and they’re over near me, well i’m trying my best to be nice to Kristin and so here is how the conversation goes:

Me: Hey, are you planning to go see Kyle play in his band?
Her: No…we don’t really talk or anything anymore
(At this point, the BF looks mad and walks away)
Me: They’re actually pretty good, I’m not just messing with you to ask about this but I just didn’t know if you guys were past your differences since its been a while.
Her: We just don’t really talk or anything (She mouths something about her BF that is now gone I didn’t catch it)
Me: well I understand, but I really just feel like you guys should make amends, whats done is done, you can’t change it, it would just be nice.  But thats just me, well I better get back to mopping.
Her: Ok, bye!

So i go on, and mop the rest of what i’ve got to mop, so its 10 minutes till i head to the front, she happens to be checking out and I see her BF eyeballing me HARD.  So i kinda wave, i’m thinking he is just staring at me to do so, thats what they do right?  I lean up against the other register behind Lori and he walks like he is going to bow up on me, but kinda second guesses himself, i’m a pretty fat guy after all.

Him: Who do you think I am?! (He says with hostility in his voice)
Me: …(no clue how to answer this)
Him: Do you now know that i’m Her BF?
Me: I was talking to her about a mutual friend, it really had nothing to do with you, we were discussing a mutual friend man.
(At this point he nods and breathes all heavy and storms out)

Her: I’m so sorry Eric, he’s just so Jealous.
Me: What are you apologizing for?  He really just needs to calm down, I didn’t say anything to bother him in the least.

She apologizes several times, says how embarrassed she is and leaves.

Now i’ll go down the list and ask some questions:

1. Was it wrong of me to bring up Kyle in conversation while Kristin’s BF was right there?

Answer:  I honestly don’t see a problem with it, some people might, but I just don’t.  If I can’t even say his name without causing a stir, people obviously aren’t still over this after 2 years time.

2. Was it wrong of her BF to approach me in a hostile manner?

Answer: Not really wrong, but stupid and childish.  The way he should be looking at it is “She’s with me now, so that means i’m better than him now.”  Not to mention, if you truly trust her, you wouldn’t even be phased when I say her EX’s name.

3. What does this mean going forward?

Answer: People need to grow the fuck up and realize that just because you have a history with someone else doesn’t mean you still want to be with that person.  Michelle’s Grandpa once told us “If you get jealous because Eric talks to another woman, its your own fault and vice versa.”  Jealousy lies with the person who is Jealous.  If you get Jealous, its all on you, and no one else.

Case and point, people need to grow up.


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