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Vampire Rain caught to much shit.

September 3, 2011

I’m on a phase right now of buying older games that never really got to much attention or were very infamous.  First was Operation Darkness.  I don’t think this game got bad reviews, just overlooked.  I love quirky games, i’ll also site “Deadly Premonition” as a game thats overlooked, it has its quirks thats for sure, but what a solid story, and a cool game overall, but i digress.  Operation Darkness is awesome, the characters are cool, if not a little 2D, the gameplay could use some things but is still really solid.  How was this one overlooked so hard?  Its very good.

So I was out with my best friend Ben and we went over to best buy.  Back in my Gamestop days Vampire Rain was that game that we all said “Ha, thats about as bad as Vampire Rain!”  We were ignorant and stupid(as most Gamestop Employees are) we had never even played the damn game, we just mocked it due to the fast price drop and the fact that it NEVER sold.  Its gotten bad reviews all over the internet, and a few fans fight to the death to defend it.  Am I here to defend it till i’m horse with rage? No.  Vampire Rain just caught to much shit, the game is dated, yes, the graphics suck, yes, and the voice acting is horrible!  Does that make a bad game? No.

The game itself has a solid foundation, and knows what it wants to be, a stealth game where if you’re seen, just be ready to start over.  How many times did we have Lambert scream in our ear “ONE MORE ALARM FISHER AND THATS IT!” its the same damn thing.  So in the end, i’m still in the early stages, but can tell you, Vampire Rain caught to much shit.  Just had to get that off my chest.


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