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I’m all for anti-bully campaigns, but seriously?

September 11, 2011

I recently saw that someone on my Facebook posted something about “That dude you just tripped, he gets enough abuse at home.” shit like that.  I was fine with all of it, really I was, until it said “Help prevent national suicide” woah woah woah, lets pump the brakes.

Someone who takes bullying to a point where they commit suicide, it went to far i admit that, but thats the last thing that makes suicide happen.  I personally can tell you, my father committed suicide and I can tell you it wasn’t from bullying.  Granted he was a grown ass man.  Anyway it just kinda struck a nerve.  I might be wrong for being bitchy about it, which is why i kept my mouth shut on facebook and why i’m posting it here as my outlet, but it just pissed me off.

Suicide from bullying is a stupid cop-out.  “Everyone makes fun of me so i’m just gonna go kill myself.” Nope, its more like “Those fuckers that make fun of me are gonna be sorry when i come into school with a fucking gun and shoot them all.”  thats more along the lines of what bullying does.  Anyway, gotta work at 6am need to go to bed.  My wordpress time zone is wrong, and it just doesn’t seem to want to let me change it, its really 11:12pm  Sep 10th, nite nite all.

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