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Time to spaz from one topic to the next!

September 13, 2011

So work today, the usual really, write everyone up, blah blah blah.  So i’ve been thinking this for a good while and i need to finally express it.  So everyone knows that I have a foot fetish.  So ya know how you feel kinda pervy as a guy in the women’s underwear section and stuff at stores.  Or one better, you work where you have to stock such things, and you feel like kinda awkward.  If not, screw you, but anyway, you get what i’m saying.

Messing with that stuff and being around that stuff at the old DG does bother me a little.  But damn when i have to stock women’s socks or pantyhose.  I feel so perverted its crazy!  I shouldn’t because no one really knows out in public that i have a foot fetish, but dammit, i feel like they do.  So anyway, its also kinda weird to me when i know my boss is checking out college girls and i’m just in it to see what kind of feet they have, a little strange but pretty great.

In other news, read the new 52s as they are calling them, the new run of several DC comics.  Green Arrow was really cool, and so was batgirl, hell i even liked the superman one or “Action Comics” it was a cool spin.  But whats really got me is the new Ninja Turtles issue one, it was amazing!  Chomping at the bit for the one for this month to come out, and god i hope its soon! So according to Joey at Dragon Quills, it comes out next wednesday! WOOOOO!!!!  Thats so badass dude!

Anyway, thats all for now, off to find something to do!


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