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Please PLEASE people, just grow up…part 2.

September 24, 2011

Oh wow!  So tonight I worked with Lori, let me first point out that she is like 54 or 56 somewhere in there,one of my least favorite individuals to work with, why i’ll tell you:

1. she doesn’t recover her sections at all
2. she takes forever on the cash register and gets a huge line backed up
3.  she is always either over or short a huge amount of money at the end of the night leading to…
4. she can’t run a register.

So yeah, so anyway, i’m recovering the store, as is my job at night, and she comes back to me while i’m in the candles and rugs:

Lori: You know Clint texted me and said i didn’t recover last night.
Me: Well, you didn’t.
~Lori looks astonished that i agree with Clint on the matter~
Lori: Yes I did, I recover every night!
Me: Not really.
Lori: Well fine then!  I normally go down an isle for other people and if it isn’t recovered i’ll do it, but i’m not doing that anymore at all!
Me: ~as shes storming off~ Thats fine.

Doesn’t say hardly a word to me the rest of the night.  So we close up, and i get the deposit done around 9:15pm like i always do and proceed to take it up to the front.  The cashier normally counts it and then signs to verify it.

Me: This is ready to count whenever you are.
Lori: Well thats gonna be a while!

She proceeds to mop the floor and take her time doing so, i could care less i’m getting paid to stand here and watch her look like a little baby.  She keeps cutting her eyes at me as if to say “Ha, bet you wanna go home!” once again i still don’t give a flying fuck.  So at around 9:40, mind you we are supposed to be out of the store at 9:30 no later than that.  She comes up and counts the money in her twisted way of doing things.  Normally says the total out loud to verify with me verbally but decides this time not to say shit and just look at the deposit slip.  Signs it, seals it. I say “You can clock out now.” so without a word, she does so and instead of waiting for us to leave at the same time, due to safety, she leaves and drives off.

I never asked her for a ride tonight, i just had a gut feeling.  Good thing i didn’t, she might still think it was a fuck you for me to walk home, but seeing as how its about a 10 minute walk, doesn’t bother me in the least.

So lets recap…

Was it wrong for me to say to her face that she didn’t recover agreeing with Clint on the matter?
Answer: Fucking HELL NO, if you can’t take the fact that you don’t recover, and all i had to say was the simple sentence “Well, you didn’t.” and you fly off the handle, i’m not wrong on this one at all, its your fault for flipping out and being a little kid about it.

Should I have let it go on as long as it did after 9:30?
Answer: Probably not, i should’ve just nipped it in the bud to start with and shut it down, but i honestly wanted to see how long a 50+ year old person was going to keep up such a stunt.

I say again, in a special Part 2 blog post.



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