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Comics will be comics.

October 2, 2011

So there has been a whole lotta bitching lately about the reboot of the heroes StarFire and the reboot of Catwoman.  First off, sexist shit is out the window, comics aren’t sexist, and if the women that still do read comics are offended by how a woman is drawn, whose fault is that?

So i’m going to do what all the other sites have been doing and show you whats what.
This is Starfire, this is her normal attire as a superhero, notice that it is scantally clad, her boobs are very big.  So Starfire appeared on a show on cartoon network called “Teen Titans” so anyway, teen titans was all about happy people and just being a great person all around.  Its angled at kids, so duh its toned down from Starfire’s origin story.  So through a tough story of opression and betrayal she was sexually abused and really messed with.  A serious story, way set aside from the cartoon Teen Titans.  So I digress, she has had several husbands, which would lead her to just kinda not care about human men.  The new 52 came out, she stars in “Red Hood and the Outlaws” and she appears like this:
So this is now “offending women readers” and “is sexist towards women” WTF? Are you fucking serious?  For starters, comics are geared towards a mainly MALE base of readers.  The boobs are only slightly bigger, but the body and the hair is dead on.  The shot is from Roy’s perspective as he is checking her out, its what he’s seeing as he talks to the Red Hood.  Is she showing a whole lotta skin, yes she is, is it sexist, of course its not, is it to cater to the mainly male reader base, yes.  Let me go on:

Here she uses her body to get what she wants from Roy, because she sees hes interested.  Being married several times, why would she care about the feelings of human males anymore, there is a disconnect, she isn’t just being slutty.   It also shows her lack of emotion towards human males who just want sex and she can tell.  Having a rough past of being a slave at one point, and being abused in that way, then having several messed up marriages, she should be detached about sex in general.  Which leads me to this:
This comic is just retarded, i’m sorry, Lucy loved watching a kids TV show where Starfire is depicted as a happy go lucky moron.  This girl in the comic knows nothing of the REAL starfire from COMICS.  You can’t go from a cartoon to comics.  Comics are violent, and real, with real stories, with real life situations and hard times.  So of course Lucy is offended that Starfire is using her body to her advantage.

“Teen Titans had two million viewers, best-case scenario a comic book will have 100,000 readers.”  Fuck this statement, comics aren’t “IN” anymore.  Only the people who have stuck with comics, still read comics, new readers i understand DC wants new readers but the fact is the fanbase is the same as its always been.  So this uproar is almost as bad as if a movie did something like this, but with WAY less popularity.  Movies can cause a fuss because they are popular, comics arent’, they have a niche group of readers.

So i’m REALLY fucking irritated that comics are under fire for this shit, comics are already on the way to being extinct, leave them the fuck alone!

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