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In other news, with Eric, volume 1.

October 22, 2011

Whats up?  In other news, I bought gears of war 3 and have been playing the crap out of it!  Also, I just watched a video on ign that showed Phoenix Wright gameplay for ultimate mvc3 and it looks pretty awesome!  I think i’ll buy it again just to be able to play as him.  Seeing as how i own all the phoenix wright games they brought over here, it would only be fair to own everything he is in.  Work sucks, i somehow tweaked my ankle and its been hurting really bad the last couple of days, so thats been a bitch!  Allison’s wedding is coming up, i’m excited but a bit nervous too.  Whenever you have any part in a wedding, your nerves will get the best of you.  Mom should be coming over today, so thats cool.  She wants to help me find some clothes for the wedding, now thats a part i would like to skip, but whatever, i’ll roll with it.  New comics for this month were really good, i have a feeling i won’t be seeing ninja turtles till next month, and that really sucks, but at least it will be soon.  So far, Catwoman #2 was easily the best!  Watched the first episode of Walking Dead Season2, it was amazing!  Episode 2 is tomorrow!!!!

This has been “In other news, with Eric, Volume 1”


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