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The number one thing NOT to do on facebook or any other social site.

October 25, 2011

Please people, leave your personal life and relationships to the privacy of your life.  I have a friend on my facebook, used to work with my wife at movie gallery, anyway, she dated another guy on my friends and they broke up.  Apparently it was a rough break up, and now she is dating some other guy and is suddenly engaged to said guy.  So this shit goes back and fourth all the time.  KEEP IT TO YOUR FUCKING SELF!  No one really gives a flying fuck about how bad you have it or how bad your relationship ended.  Its constant “one-up each other” when in reality, no one is one-uping anyone because you’re both fucking kids who just want attention.

Anyway, thats whats on my mind at 2:14am.  There, its out of my system.  Come to think of it, this could’ve been part 3 to “People, grow up, please?” oh well, we shall save part 3 for a more stupid and childish act, that I know i’m going to run into.


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