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You stopped shooting me to let me get up, and i killed you…smart.

December 18, 2011

So life is pretty awesome right now.  Mom had surgery to get her colostomy reversed and it was a success, even better news, none of them could find any signs of Cancer in her left at all!!!  I’m going to put faith in God and say that this cancer, is gone!

Michelle is working a whole lot, as usual, with two jobs.  I don’t get to see her much anymore, and she has been acting a bit weird.  We addressed this the other night and had a long talk, well, it was more me trying to tell her how i felt about it all.  She will one day learn, that Eric is an idiot, until it comes to advice for others, thats the story of my life, just ask anyone.

My boss came to see my mom while she was in the hospital, i really wanted to hug him and thank him, it meant the world to me.  It was also really cool that Michelle and Vada got along so well.  We spent WAY to much money at logan’s, but God provided, so we had ourselves a fun meal.

I’ve found that i’ve spent to much money on myself for Christmas this year, as well as to much on my brother.  Its really strange how thats worked out this year, but i guess i should just ignore it and move on.  Money is money, it means nothing when we’re gone, so lets spend it if we got it!

Mardock Scramble, all three books, was one of my early presents and let me just say, its AWESOME!  Reading is always mega cool, you just have to sit down and make yourself start.  In OTHER OTHER news I have an iPhone 3Gs now.  Free upgrade, and its pretty wonderful!  It comes in handy as hell too.

Last i’ll leave you with a picture of my current Character in Infinity Blade.

Thanks Infinity Blade, for being such a kick ass game!!!


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