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Tekken VS Street Fighter which do you prefer?

December 20, 2011

So i’m a big fighting game fan, i love fighting games and have since the beginning.  When online got thrown into the mix, fighting games took a step up and for the better.  I used to play Tekken Tag.  Gosh, i thought it was the best game ever, i learned through many of had fought battles at the arcade how to play and never looked back.  I was actually good at Tekken, Street Fighter was just so so for me.  I was never really any good, I loved Vega but couldn’t use him, and Akuma was the coolest Hado user in the mix but just to weak defensively.

So heres the deal, when Street Fighter IV was coming out, me and my friend Kyle were stoked.  Along with a few other no names whom i played with.  It came out and we played HOURS of it, DAYS of it, it was and is GREAT!  Its the most balanced fighter there is, and the most fun to boot.  The online mode was perfect and just a blast!!!!

Then Arcade Edition came out even better and stronger.  I though MvC3 would kinda take the strength out of SSFIVAE but it actually ended up being the most unbalanced fighter EVER.  Now there is an ultimate edition of it, and i only want it to play as Phoenix Wright because he is the freakin man!!!

So i went pawn shopping the other day and found Tekken 6 for about 8 bucks.  I used to love Tekken and be really really good at it, so i bought it.  Brought it home, i had played it before, and since the changed Jin in Tekken 4 he has never been the same, so i “mained” if you will, Steve Fox.  The british, boxer, guy.  He is considered really cheap and blah blah blah, but he really isn’t.  So anyway, this game never did it for me even when i rented it, i wanted to like it so much because it was Tekken but it just felt unbalanced.

So now, i’ve just finished playing 5 or 6 online matches in Tekken 6 after training with Steve to get back into the grove and a few new people that i thought looked cool, and even practiced some new Jin fighting style stuff.  So i thought i was ready enough to see what/who was left playing this game online.  I knew i would lose but i was hoping since i knew some what of what I was doing i could at least win a round.

The first guy i’m thrown in the ring with has about 465 wins and 233 losses….great.  I was slaughtered, just humiliated.  But the thing i noticed was, as soon as he hit me first, he had won.  If i didn’t block the first hit, i would eventually end up with my back to the wall and KO it was over.  I just thought that this guy was really amazing so lets try again.  Next guy has about 200 wins less than the other guy and 100 losses more, i feel a bit better about it.  Of course he sees that i’m 0-1-0 and decides to fuck off the round and let me win one, that was no win.  Then he slaughters me, the same way, as soon as i’m hit its over.

To spare you the same story over and over, you get the gist of it.  That was just it, every match, if they hit me first, they won.  What kind of Game gives you no time to get back up and re-set yourself to be ready for the next attacks.  Street Fighter gives you time to debate what your opponent will do next after their combo ends and you have your chance to get up.

When i walk away with a Loss on street fighter, i always know where i went wrong, and what i could’ve done to solve the problem, and that makes me come back and say “I’ll fix these aspects of my game this time and problem solved.”  But it makes me come back.  Tekken was just a blur and then it was over, i never had a chance to even mash a button at all.

So the end of the story is Tekken 6 is just not a good game, its not balanced, you can’t practice for a solid hour or two and even hold your own in the slightest, and you have no idea what you could’ve done to change the outcome, i guess i could’ve blocked the whole time?

Street Fighter on the other hand is WAY balanced, and if you match up against a character you’re weak against, its fun to see how it will turn out and if you will be able to be better than them.  Even in losing i think “Just one more and I got that guy!” and that makes me hope he pops up again and thus i’ll continue to play until all of the sudden its dark outside and i have no clue where the time went.

Tekken 6 = Unbalanced and like a car accident.

Street Fighter IV: AE = Balanced in all ways, and awesome to play over and over with your hard work eventually paying off.

This has been a contrast and comparison of Tekken 6 and SSFIV:AE By Eric, i hope you enjoyed it.


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