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Street Fighter and what I like about it.

December 24, 2011

Ok so here it is, since i just did Tekken or Street Fighter and explained that I liked SF better, i wanted to take today to point out what i liked about SF and tomorrow at some point i’ll post another about whats cool about Tekken to me, but today, Street Fighter!!!

Street Fighter is a very well balanced fighting game.  Super Street Fighter IV is said to be the most balanced fighting game to date.  Not to mention the most polished, the controls are tight, the graphics are amazing, and the character selection is rockin!

First thing to love about the Street Fighter Series are the Hado users. Ya kow “Hadoken”
(From Left to Right) Ryu, Ken, Sean, Akuma, Dan, Gouken.
They scream all our favorite words and throw fireballs…with the exception of Sean.  Anyway, don’t let me get off track.  These characters all have cool stories and are just cool characters in general they make the series the staple that it truly is.

Next is clearly the Hot women in Street Fighter:
Now of course that isn’t all of them, but you get the picture.  Not only are the girls super hot, they kick ass too!

I also prefer a 2D fighter more so than a 3D one like Tekken.  So with Street Fighter X Tekken coming out in March(i think) i will be getting the street fighter styled one its going to be crazy awesome!!!

If I could say anything bad about Street Fighter it would be the characters with practically the same move list.  Its the series only real flaw.

That about sums it up really oh and P.S.
They made Juri just for me, she is actually a pretty big deal in the foot fetish community, and with good reason! Until next time!

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