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What I like about Tekken.

January 5, 2012

I know its later…much later, than i wanted to post this but sue me, i’m still coming back to post this so here it goes!

Tekken was my first love when it came to fighting games, Tekken Tag to be specific, anywho, it was a very balanced game, with tricks that could keep your opponents on their toes every single round.  So the Tekken series hinges on the Kazama family.

Some newer and some older, the series revolves around their crazy ass story.  The thing thats interesting about Tekken is the insane story that goes into it.  Allow me to mess it all up for you real quick.

Tekken 1:
Heihachi(the one to the far right) throws his son Kazuya (to the left of the girl in the middle) off a cliff, if its really his son he will come back.  He does, but scarred up.  He makes a deal with the devil so to speak in order to get his father back for what he did.

Tekken 2:
Heihachi is at it again as he throws a corrupt Kazuya into a volcano…wow…anyway in the meantime, Kazuya impregnated Jun(the girl in the middle all in white) the Devil in him tried to get her baby, still in the womb, but she fights him off.

Tekken 3:
Jin grows up, some guy named ogre is the boss, and Jin gets a part of the devil gene, moving on…actually no, lets not, you get the point.

So the crazy story that follows these games is just a bit to oddball for me to take seriously.  Lets skip to Tekken 6, the latest game, and see whats happeneing.

Tekken 6:
Jin owns the corporation now, and plunges the world into chaos, a civil war so to speak. A new Character Lars starts a rebellion force to take down Jin’s corporation. Lars has amnesia, finds a cyborg chick, and starts to get his memory back, surprise, he is one of Heihachi’s illegitimate children.  Some crazy boss shows up, a bunch of characters are just thrown into the mix for no good reason, Jin trys to free himself of the devil gene by killing this big bad guy and its left wondering if he’s dead or not…he’s not.

BTW this is Lars:

So anyway, Tekken is cool, its a cool game.  But it seems from my days of Tekken Tag, a well balanced tag game where skill was everything.  Tekken 6 has just abandoned that altogether.  It feels so unbalanced, and just not really playable.  Just my opinion but i think they have lost a few steps since Tekken Tag.


In conclusion:
Tekken is a cool game, with cool characters, but just not the best fighter anymore, sorry you guys. And in the end lets face it…
Tekken girls just aren’t as good looking as Street Fighter girls.  Thanks for reading.


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