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Marvel VS Capcom 1

January 6, 2012

So as to start with my series in Marvel VS Capcom, lets exam the very first one.

Marvel VS Capcom came out in 1999 and was on the Dreamcast and the Playstation.  This was the cover:











Instantly this was one of the coolest things to see in a video game at this time.  They used some obscure characters and some mainstream characters, it was a nice mix and was just awesome to see these characters clash.  I’ve always been a huge fighting game fan and at this time i was 12 years old, and we had a Dreamcast, still one of the coolest systems to date, and we got this game.

It was crazy, nuts, and just crazy!  The tag idea seemed to play out better than Tekken Tag looking back.  Anyway,  you couldn’t use your partners as assist at this time, but you got a random assist partner to use in combat, it was cool to see the use of characters there too. It had 22 characters, which is pretty substantial for a fighting game.

This game was cool, and a shout out to all the fans, it was really nice to see these worlds clash and was just so skillfully done.  So thats about all there is to say here, there wasn’t much of a story to be told, it was just “these worlds have collided” and it didn’t need a story it just needed what it had.

Crazy air combos, a mechanic that you had to get used to and you could only unlock its real potential if you studied it and took time to learn it.  This was the beginning of something that was going to explode and be an awesome game series.


Next time on Don’t Eat That Candy:
I’m gonna take you for a ride!  Marvel VS Capcom 2, what changed, what was better and what was worse?  Thanks for reading!

We miss you gambit. I don’t know why you didn’t make the cut for MvC3 but you didn’t :’-(


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