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Marvel VS Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds

January 7, 2012

We finally reach the last game in this series of awesome games MvC3.  This game came out last year, so wow its been a long freakin time.










This is the long awaited MvC3 what has changed?  Well there is a new 3D look to the fighters with still a 2D relm of combat!  The look is impressive, its amazing.  The splashes as the hits connect are amazing, the characters all have awesome animations, its eye candy!

They now added the support of Air Combo tag outs.  When you’re doing an air combo you press any direction and A to tag out to the next partner to continue  the combo if you opponent picks the same direction it stops it.  While we are on the topic of air combos, they simplified the way the game plays.  Now instead of a Light Punch Heavy Punch buttons, the same with kicks, its now, a light button, a medium button, and a heavy button.  And instead of figuring out your characters launcher to do air combos with, just press A.

This didn’t set right with me, now the game has a level of ease that it didn’t have before.  Where you had to learn your favs launcher before you could use it in MvC2 now its the same for everyone, just not a smart idea if you ask me.  A different launcher for each character added that level of challenge…anyway.

So lets move on, the whopping 57 characters in MvC2 was impressive, this one only boast a 25 to 30 character roster.  This isn’t that big of a deal, until you leave out some of the better characters.  Gambit didn’t make it, Marrow, Guile, Venom the list goes on and on and on.  I wouldn’t be so angry about this if it wasn’t for the fact that instead of those awesome characters we get…MODOK? WTF?! Super-Skrull?????  Seriously?!?!?  If you read the last blog, you’ll recall that Sentinel was the most overpowered character in any fighting game ever.  Well you would think “This is a new game, and it was bitched about a whole lot, lets change it up a little.”  NO that wasn’t their plan, the just left Sentinel as unbalanced as he could be…REALLY??!?!?!  So of course that was the stupidest thing i think they ever could’ve done.

All of this aside, every single character seems like they can bounce you off the ground somehow.  This leads to just bullshit.  One air combo and you can forget that character.  This game desperately needed a “Combo Breaker” something to stop this crap from happening.  Wesker has a pistol that can bounce you off the ground reguardless, its just not fun when someone can get you into a never ending combo until that character is dead.  Just stupid!

All this aside, the game is REALLY fun to play.  Its addictive and hard to break away from.  Until you run into Wesker and Sentinel teams that spam one move over and over and you can do nothing to stop it, then its the worst shit ever.

Final Thought:
MvC3 is really cool to see, and fun to play if you’re going to do the arcade mode, practice your ass off until you have some stupid ass ridiculous combos before even thinking of stepping into online play.  With Ultimate MvC3 adding 12 characters, and with one being Phoenix Wright, that just makes it that muc cooler.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this series of thoughts and over view of the Marvel VS Capcom Series.  It might be time to get back to my regular blog now, in case anyone cares about my life,lol, thanks again for reading.



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