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Not ready for bed.

January 13, 2012

Ugh, its been a long day.  Got the oil changed, new wiper blades, new spark plugs, and the driver side door handle all taken care of at a reasonable price.  Sold my old POS car to some tow guys for $250 and had a sub par pizza while watching, or trying to watch, Kamen Rider W.  This off day hasn’t felt like an off day at all.

So now i feel sleepy, but just don’t want to go to bed yet.  Sometimes you get this urge that you need to be doing something, but you have no idea what.  If you’re not with me it kinda feels like this:

Why must i continue to worry and freak out about what i need to be doing VS what I am doing?

I’m starting to think my only “talent” in life is to play video games, and lets see how far that really gets me in the real world.  Nevermind, i’m not diving into this hole again, its just late and my mind hates me when its late.  Literally, it hates me.  So its time to drag the dog off the couch and to the bedroom, we must sleep, and be ready for the marrow!


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