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When you realize talent has passed you by…

January 17, 2012

I’m realizing more and more with each day that Video Games all my life have made me feel like i’ve had talent, but the fact of the matter is, i have nothing.  I think the cruel joke Games play on their players is when they are 24 and just play games all the time to buy time between work and social things, they are void of all talents whatsoever.

I’ve always thought “Man, i have good hand, eye, cordination! Games make me think on my feet ECT.” but thats the joke, thats the punch line, you only believe they help you but in reality they dont?  The joke gets better too.

So why with all of these points do I continue to want to play games?  Its like smoking, or drinking.  Its the same freakin thing.  Now i’ve never smoked in my entire life, and i rarely drink.  So i can’t completely relate but you get the point.

Even thought i’ve won 75 ranked matches and lost 125 ranked matches in MvC3 i can’t seem to stop playing.  Something about it makes me feel like i’m doing something, but i’m not.  So i continue to play games, knowing all of this, why?  Because i’m an addict.  You know the whole ad campaign for like “Drawing is my anti-drug.”  Remember?

Yeah, you remember.  As this “funny” shirt illustrates my point.  “Sex, My Anti-Drug.” i suppose its funny because its true.  But its sad when you think about it.  Your so called “Anti-Drug” its really more like “Your drug of choice” is a meth head any worse than a pot head?  Is crack worse than cocaine?  Its more of what is your drug?

This all may seem like stating the obvious, but just think about it.  Its sad.  So here i sit telling you all of this, while i’m still wanting to play MvC3 even though i’ve probably invested about 6 hours in today alone, its accomplished nothing but making me super fucking mad.  Why can’t I stop?! WHY?!

The hole gets deeper.  Wife comes home, we talk for a minute or so about how our day went, of course i was off today.  She sits on the couch and plays games on her iphone, this eventually leads to her battery dying, so she goes into the bedroom, at the back of the house, and plays more, while i’m stuck on mine.  Then she falls asleep by 9pm.

I’m starting to become afraid that Video Games are Ruining my life…or the lack there of.


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