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Fake Family.

February 1, 2012

People in your life whom are forced into your life as “Family” and you are forced into theirs as well, don’t always treat you like “Family”.

My Dad’s side of the “Family” disappeared after he died.  We barley ever saw them anyway, so why should we call them “Family”?

My Mom’s side on the other hand, I have some real “Family” over there, my cousin for example, shout out to Allison if you are reading this or ever see this, love you!  But I can’t really say the same for the rest of them.

My Aunts never were there, they never helped us in our hard times, the sold the family home out from under my mom, completely without her knowledge.  All in all they are horrible people.  Why is it that people who are in my life that are rich are super pricks?  I don’t get that.  If you make a good living, i’m proud of you, and i don’t want/expect you to throw ANY money my way.  But when you see me and my real family struggling and you still don’t help, how are you classified as “Family”?

Its not secret my mom has been battling cancer, in and out of hospitals, multiple surgeries, we were told she would probably not make it several times, but she is still here, and praise be to God for it.  My Aunt Theresa really got on top of things when all this happened, apologized, and has been great to mom.  On the other hand, my Aunt Julia…ya know what, before i talk about her, let me just say this.

Aunt Julia, if you ever find this and read this here is exactly what I think about you:
You are a selfish, idiot.  You could give a shit less about me, my brother, or my mom or anyone else that is in my circle at all.  You always think you’re hot shit, and you talk so fucking big, but in reality you’re such a small person its laughable.  How dare you try and force my mom to come help you with Grandma when you know she just got out of surgery, oh wait, you wouldn’t know because you NEVER CAME TO THEM EVER!  Not to mention all this time mom sat, WITH CANCER, at Grandma’s and you didn’t show up to help not one fucking time!!

So how dare you try to make my mom help, and if she doesn’t or can’t, you throw a bitch fit because the fucking world revolves around you.  You arrogant piece of filth, you are the scum this earth can produce and i hate you with everything in my being.  I have never liked you, you have insulted me personally at points when i was about 13 or 14 because i couldn’t come DRESS GRANDMA and TAKE HER TO THE BATHROOM after surgery.  “If you don’t have the balls to come take care of grandma then thats fine!”  were your words you stupid cunt.  The next time I hear you say another fucking word to mom, in anger because she won’t help you, you will hear from me, its no threat, its a promise!

“Family” is just a tacked on term that means nothing.  You want to harp about how we’re all family now because you need help.  Go fuck yourself!  We aren’t just suddenly family because you need help.


In closing:
“Family” can really take the place of a four letter word, if you get my drift.  We are forced into our Families, and if they are never there at the start, don’t accept them when they come back around.  They will use the term against you, because they are horrible people.

  1. I love you, Eric. I agree that the whole taking care of grandma situation is a bunch of shit.
    You know, we can’t choose who our family is, but I’m glad I have you in my family. Perhaps even more importantly, I’m glad that I have you as a friend. I mean, I get to pick who my friends are!

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