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I love the anticipation of a game!

February 3, 2012

So i’m so freakin excited for Street Fighter X Tekken that i can’t stand it!!  I love this time in my life, when there is something to look forward too!  Also its set in stone that we will do our taxes March 14th with Robert Kile again.

Also cool things to happen, the Kamen Rider W Belt is cheaper now, 89 bucks is much more do-able than $300.  So i’m trying to sneak my ideas to get it into michelle’s head, it would make my life!!!  Either an Early Birthday gift, or my Valentines gift, that would be amazing! I’m trying not to get to excited…but i’m still imagining how its going to be!!  I would take pictures, and it would be awesome!!!! AHH!!  I want it!!!

Playing Gears 3 again, and its a good thing, i’m still really good at that game, so its a whole lot of fun!  Well michelle gets off soon so i suppose its almost bed time, we both open tomorrow and are planning to go to the comic shop after she gets home tomorrow.  Hopefully my dates are right, and the new Magic set comes out tomorrow!! WEEE!!  Later.



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