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Respect is a huge thing in my book.

February 3, 2012

Respect – Noun: A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

Respect is probably the best thing i can say about you as a person.  If i respect you that normally means a good bit more than if I love you.  Thats pretty much how my system works.

Treat everyone with Respect, thats what I do and I expect the same from everyone in return.  But the world doesn’t understand this concept apparently.  Every single job i’ve ever had i’ve been nothing but respectful to the people in charge, to my co-workers, to people under me, so on and so fourth.  But there is always one person who chooses that they think i’m a bad apple or they just decide that i look like i should be disrespected.

Disrespect – Noun: Lack of respect or courtesy.  Verb: Show a lack of respect for; insult.

This tends to be the way i’m treated in my work relationships.  This time its my DM, its always someone with a lot of power.  I got paid this week, and seemed to get a little more on my check than normal, but i shrugged it off because Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday was this past week, and i thought maybe they considered it a holiday, and thats why i got paid so much.

Turns out that the computer fucked up and said that I had 6 hours overtime.  Ok lets look at this:

Number 1.  I don’t even have the authority in the computer to look or check the payroll in any way, shape, or form.  Only Clint and Brett can even look at the payroll.

Number 2. How is this my fault getting paid extra when Clint or Brett has to submit the payroll and make sure all goes according to plan.

Number 3. How is it fair to dock my next check by the amount i was paid over, when it was never my fault, and i never had any control over it to begin with?

So if i’m to be disrespected my entire life, so be it. i’m done, later.

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