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Some things in this world don’t really matter.

March 4, 2012

Ya know, some things in life just aren’t important.  Today at work, i was scheduled from 6am to 2pm and that was that.  Well Brett had switched with Tammy for just no good reason at all, and Keshia had switched with Armond.  This left a rough situation at hand, now there was no closing manager for the night shift.  This same old song and dance would’ve just played out the same way for me that it always does.  If i wait and work my shift then by the time it comes around to it, i have to work a double.  But if i just say now, here is my plan, this is what i’m doing and do it.  I save my own ass.  Keshia saw it as doing something that wasn’t my job to do, personally i don’t care.  Its my job and i’ll do what I have to do to keep it.  I try and do whats best for the store, i’ve always been the guy that does it, i’ll always BE the guy that does it.

What it boils down to is that this job is fading fast anyway.  I’m really gonna be surprised by the end of inventory if any of us have a damn job anymore.  But thats all fine, because at the end of the day, Eric stepped up and did what was best, and caused the least amount of drama he could.  It all comes up for me in the end though, I get to close with Armond and thats cool, i like doing that anyway, so its all fine and dandy.  Lets just move on and call it a day.  Anywho, thats it, just rambling now.  God gave me this job so i’ll do what i have to do, despite everyone else.


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