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Ok, I think i’ve had all I can stand.

March 20, 2012

Its to the point now where mom is just blatantly disobeying what i tell her to do, in regards to hudson.  She feeds him every single thing she eats, so of course i tell her to slow down because he will get sick.  “Its just a little bit” she always says.  I guess she doesn’t remember how much it fucking sucks to throw up or maybe she wouldn’t torment him so badly.

So I come in from work tonight and she has made supper.  So i didn’t all my mac and cheese, and it was a good bit left, but i was gonna throw it out.  She says “don’t throw it away, give it to hudson.” i said “Nah, he really doesn’t need it, he’ll get sick.” well she goes on and on about how its only a little bit, so to shut her up i give it to him.  GUESS WHAT!??!!  He gets sick, exactly like i said he would and then she starts in on the “Whats wrong Hudson? Why are you so sick?”  so thats the dumbest question i’ve heard all fucking day.  “Its because he ate to much mom, like i said.”  So of course thats not it, he just got sick.  I guess the sick fairy just paid him a visit and made him sick.


So thats about it, i’m fucking sick of coming home to this every night, heres hoping for a better tomorrow, goodnight.

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