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If this is a mid-life crisis, i think its a bit to soon.

April 22, 2012

So the more i focus on Korea the more i want to go! I wish i could leave, i feel like here i’m just stuck in a rut, and surrounded by nothingness.  The more i look at Korea too, i wonder where the money is going to come from.  Now a new thing has landed, Michelle has to have some kind of certification course completed before she can even apply with the recruiter of choice, thats cool, its a 120 hour course, also fine, but is going to run us anywhere from 300 to 450 dollars just to take the course.  So there is another huge bill to foot.

I agree that its supposed to be hard to just pick up your life and move it to a whole different place entirely but its just irritating.  I just wish something would change, I also wish we just had the money to move so maybe i could get into a new place at the very least.

Ahhhh the skill of video games is all my life has.  My talents are but one and my usefullness is almost a complete zero.  Oh well, i suppose i’ll just continue to bare my teeth on this bullet and pray it doesn’t explode in my mouth soon.

heres to another work day that is about to start in 15 minutes.


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