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Do you ever want a change so bad…

May 2, 2012

That you would do whatever the hell it took to make it happen?  I’m so sick of just thinking like this or thinking in general.  Sometimes it feels like my decisions, my thought process, tends to close in on me.  Even though i use it like a crutch and i’m proud of it, it starts to crush me.

If I didn’t know any better i’d be an alcoholic by now, good thing i’m smarter than that.  “And the worlds got me dizzy again, you’d think after 24 years i’d be used to the spin.” man this line by Conor is so damn true.  “But you may be offended and you may be afraid but don’t walk away, don’t walk away…”  “And our freedoms a joke we’re just taking a piss…”

You begin to break yourself down to who you are, what decisions did you make for your life, were they right, wrong, or just neutral.  What kind of man did you become?  My brain has always thought way to much about this shit, and normally when it starts running wild i just have to curl up into a ball and rock until it shuts up.  Oh well, i’ve gotta be up at 7 and its now 12:30 so i suppose i need to go sleep and hope RLS doesn’t rear its head tonight.

Thanks goes to Conor Obert, the lead singer of the band “Bright Eyes” for the quotes from his songs.  His music is AWESOME!  I have to thank Allison for introducing me to his music it has been a big help, and continues to be!

Thats Conor…ok goodnight.


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One Comment
  1. I’m glad that you like Bright Eyes so much!
    Everyone makes some decisions that they regret during life, but you are a good person. Don’t let thinking too much about stuff get you down.

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