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Insert “Man its been a long time…” blog post here.

June 26, 2012

So once again, my blog gets no attention for a long ass time.  Even though just about everyday i say to myself “you should blog about this!!!” then something happens, like minecraft and i forget to do it.  So here we GO!!

So grab your chocolate milk in a small, glass, a “cosmic brownie” and pump up that Kate Nash too loud and enjoy this long ass post!!

Lets start with this little gem.  Yesterday at work, my boss continued to say that he would be upset if one day his little girl brought home a black kid as a boy that she was interested in.  I continued to ask “Why?” so i’ve always felt that my boss and his assistant were both racist, his assistant way more so.  But i try not to judge so i keep going.  Well the assistant gets into the conversation but brings it to a whole nother level of wow man, you really are racist.
So of course, the next day at work with Armond, the conversation gets brought up and proceeds to piss Armond off.  Understandable, anyway, the moral of the story is, it blows my mind that such close minded, stupid, people are still being Racist in this day and age.

New artist i’ve started listening to that you might be intersted in:
Kate Nash – A british chick who is pretty awesome, i love her voice and the lyrics are awesome, kinda poppy.
Shiny Toy Guns – A band that i never thought i would just love as much as  i do, they are more indie.
Breathe Carolina – A pop/punk/screamo band that is a guilty pleasure of mine.

So i’ve been having a struggle here lately with iPhone games, just not really grabbing my attention and just not very fun to play.  Well i saw this weird game on “Apps gone free!” probably about a week ago:

It looks like an old “Game and Watch” type of game, but its an RPG with a weird twist and a weird battle system…let me explain.  The story goes, there was this old hero who retired from doing the RPG hero thing, until one day an evil thing kidnapped his daughter, forcing him back into the fighting scene.  So you touch the bottom of the tower and enter it, and go into a battle:

So you can bet 100 of your gold for doubled effect on whatever the spinner lands on, if not you can just spin.  So you touch spin then touch again to stop it, whatever the very first thing it stops on is what you get.  IF you land your sword, you attack, the skull the enemy attacks you, the book you get exp,the coin the you get gold.  Simple, but cool, battle system.  So to unlock more of the tower you need the gold to unlock them.  But if your character dies, the stats reset but you keep your gold, and your progress up the tower.  So you need to keep some full health potions stocked:

As you can tell in this screen, i keep 2 at all times, if you hit zero he instantly uses it, this is handy and keeps you alive.  So sometimes you fight a boss and get to pick a new accessory to help you in battle:

Anyway, i’m not done with the game yet, but its super awesome.  It cost $0.99 regularly i highly recommend it, its an awesome game, and it supports these guys, not to mention the sound and everything is just awesome!

Well i can’t really think of anything else to say, its good to be blogging again, if you’re still here, i hope to keep this up for a bit longer this time! Thanks for Reading!

If this is TL;DR (to long, didn’t read) then in short go download “Tower of Fortune” on your smart phone, listen to Kate Nash she is awesome! And don’t be a racist, it only hurts humanity even further.


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