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Been on my mind for a while now.

June 28, 2012

So its 2:40am its Thursday the 28th of June.  Me and Michelle have taken the 28th through the 30th off because our 5 year anniversary is on the 30th.

Three days in a row off.  Now what i’m about to talk about will probably sound bad and make me look kinda bad, but see it as you will.

When it comes to a wife, Michelle is the best!  She cooks awesome food, she cleans well, she is super sweet, she lets me do what i want, she is all around class act of a wife!  When we were dating we were both virgins, got married, and we are the only ones that we’ve had sex with.  Its an awesome feeling!  We both had all kinds of chances through high school to just sleep with whoever and we chose not to, thats hard work.  So of course when we had sex the first time we did it a whole whole lot!  Most times 2 or 3 times a week.  We would destroy a box of condoms in no time!

So i suffer from “Premature Ejaculation” or PE for short.  I’m always self conscious about it, but Michelle has always told me that she loves our sex life.  Anyway, for the past year i would say, our sex life just fell off the planet.  I’m lucky to have sex with her 1 time a month.  It kinda confuses me, and sometimes when i try to advance it, or come onto her, i just get shut down all the way, and most times she gets mad if I try to talk about it with her.

We spoke on the phone as she was coming home from work, and i was really tired told her that we probably wouldn’t mess around tonight.  Well she got here, and i’m attracted to her very much so, so that changed my mind on the sex thing.  But she just completely shut me down, and even got a little angry at me.

I always heard that sex stops when you get married.  Initially it didn’t, we still did our thing.  But the past year almost two years, it has stopped or at least slowed down.  Anyway, its just frustrating, sex isn’t everything in our marriage, i’m really happy with us.  We are doing well financially and we have an awesome time together but its starting to get to me that i’m masturbating at least twice a day.  Am I too horny sometimes, yeah, but i’m starting to wonder if thats because the lack of intercourse or what.  Anywhos, this has been bothering me for a bit, and i’ve tried talking to Michelle about it and it just ends in “well i don’t know what you want me to do?” thats what she always says, so i guess i should just settle into my routine, maybe find some toys to simulate the experience and then just be happy with the possible once a month.

As stupid as this sounds, i’m going to log when we have sex and see how long it is between intercourse to see if i’m overreacting a little bit.  We shall see.

Sorry if this whole thing was TMI for people reading, i felt like i kept it classy.  Anyway, thats whats on my mind as i’m about to head back to sleep, night night everyone!


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  1. lilyofsage permalink

    I think sex just naturally ebbs and flows throughout a relationship. Just because you’re going through a dry spot now doesn’t mean that you will forever. I hope you get a chance to talk to Missy about it, especially about how it all makes you feel because that’s important. I know my & K’s previous issues would have never have been resolved if we didn’t talk about it.
    Maybe you should keep track of it. I keep track if it for female health reasons (there’s actually an app for that!). I used to log in the site just for fun & keep track of activities there.
    It will work out, just talk to her. I hope you guys have a great anniversary!
    I’m here if you need to talk. 🙂

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