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Car problems, and why life can really blow sometimes.

July 10, 2012

So Michelle’s car began having issues, and then finally we were told “Sorry, your engine is gone.”  With the nail in the coffin, we were lost.  We proceeded to take this chance to say “Maybe its time to buy a new car, we really deserve to drive something nice, lets do it!”  We went first to Ronnie Watkins, in Gadsden.  After a long process of hopes, and a beautiful car, our dreams were dashed very quickly.  So of course we prayed.  We prayed…and prayed….and yeah, you guessed it, prayed.  Needless to say i was a good bit defeated at this point, but i had a good friend of mine Armond, who kept saying “just keep the faith man, it will work out.”  Another awesome friend Keshia said the same “let go and let God.” so i did.  I try to be strong in my faith, and I understand that God has everything in his hands.

So we continued, thanks to Mom driving all over the world to keep Michelle working, and us on our feet.  Superior Hyundai, Sunny King Toyota, and that was pretty much the end of the line for a new car.  So we hit a used lot and found our End game, so to speak.  It was the answer, but we decided not to rush it, and hold on a bit longer.

It came down to it, and mom had a friend who was selling a car for $1100 was in good shape, the body was beat up, but it ran just fine!  We pulled the money together thanks to Mom, and my best friend in the whole world, Daniel.  We made it happen, and now there is a car sitting outside, its red, and it runs very very well!  Thank God!

This little trip down such a bumpy road has taught me that God will always work things out, just believe and let him help you.  So thats pretty much that, there is a few more things we gotta do to clamp this thing down, and keep us outta any more trouble, but we are working on it!

Until next time, i have a few more rants, but don’t feel like throwing them up into the air yet.  Thanks for Reading as always!

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