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Del The Funky Homosapien!!

July 12, 2012

Its so cool, so we have the new car now and the tape player has a tape stuck in it, but there is a CD player that works in there, or you have the radio.  So i was going to go test it out, so i grabbed my first Del CD and threw it in.  Instantly knew the lyrics all over again to every song.

So I haven’t listened to Del in a LONG ASS TIME!  “Both Sides of the Brain” was the last Del CD i bought and even heard.  It came out in 2000, so i haven’t listened to Del in 12 years!  Yet i still know all the lyrics, how crazy is that?!  I wanna know where the brain stores that information.  Anyway, its been fun listening to it again, and now diving into the new stuff that he has come out with will be a fun venture as well!

Rap/Hip-Hop isn’t something i really listen to anymore, so its a comfort thing, i’m having to get comfortable again with the style.  His rhymes are amazing!  So thats all I care to blog about today, we go tomorrow to try and change the title and pay all of those fees and stuff.  I’m just praying there isn’t anymore issues and it goes smoothly, lets hope.

So for those who have no clue who Del is, you actually know him better than you think you do.  Ever heard this song??


The rapper in both of those songs, was Del when the band initially came out, then it changed, and the gorillaz were no longer cool to me.



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