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I think we need to move, but complications are everywhere!

July 24, 2012

So i’m growing more and more tired of Jacksonville.  Not so much Alabama, but i think its time to go.  Dollar General is a dead end, thats no secret, crooked idiots in power, and no discipline to speak of.  We are going to be here another year because we renewed our lease.  Now to plan and save for next year, we need to go somewhere else, be it back closer to Gadsden, or the other way.  I don’t really care i just think its time to move.

I want fullfillment!  I want to be doing something right now that makes me feel like i’m accomplishing something, and right now, thats not happening.  I’m writing like a page every two weeks about just some random story that i’ve thought up and its just meh.

Video games are fun, but just distract from the fact that I don’t do anything ever.  I will not go to college, i just can’t see myself in a class room, or working on homework.  I just can’t see that, i hated school.

I have no friends, just co-workers and they are running thin.  Armond is trying to move to Georgia in about a week, so that blows.  Keshia graduates soon, and then she will be gone.  Then i’m stuck with a boss who can’t control his crew, and his right hand man is a big liar and mega lazy.  Where the hell do i go from here?

For those keeping count, yes i know this is the same post from a while back, but shut up! I don’t care, i still need a change.  Heres to a change in the near future.

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