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Running away is a sign of a coward, but standing your ground, and admitting your faults is the sign of a man.

August 1, 2012

How hard is it to face what you don’t do and what you actually do?  Why is it so challenging for someone to stand up and say “Yes, i was wrong.” or “You’re right, i don’t do this and i need to change.” ?  Now facing up to your words and/or your actions is a tough hand to play with.  But the simple fact is, once you get used to it, and once you learn that being honest will always take you where you needed to go, then thats what you do.  Why is it hard to admit fault?  That one, i don’t know.  I’m a person who makes mistakes, who is lazy at times, and who can screw up a lot, thats easy to admit for me.

I have a boss who is terrified to admit he’s wrong, and also terrified to face another individual that has a problem with him.  Work is becoming a chore to deal with, but manipulating the situation to get results has been a fun path to follow.  I won’t go down into this story any further, just a few things to think about.

Always be an honest person:
Even if that means saying when you were wrong, or admitting you haven’t swept in days, talked about you behind your back countless time ect ect.

Always be a brave person:
Cowards make it no where in this world other than to the underside of a rock.  Even if you’re terrified of the consequences and scared out of your mind, try not to show it and do/say what you need to say even if it scares you.

Don’t ever say something about someone, inless you’re ready to say it to their face:
All of these bullet points are about honesty as a whole but you get picture.  If you talk good or bad about someone, make sure you would say it to their face as well.

So thats about it, just be honest, and don’t hold back your emotions.  Face your fears, and be a man about things.


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