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Fun times, nervous next few days

August 14, 2012

So last night Armond came to the house and we watched breaking bad together, if you haven’t learned this yet, it’s the best show ever to be on tv if you have Netflix and you haven’t watched this yet, you’re sinning,lol.
Anyway he was at the house until about 5:30am, it was awesome! We talked, laughed and looked at some pretty awesome chicks online.

So I woke up around 11:15am actually feeling rested, even though I know it’s just false bravado. Working with Ladarius tonight and it’s been fun, he is a really cool dude.

Michelle got off work early and went tonight to get our god daughter!! She is staying a few days with us and it’s exciting but also a bit nerve racking. I’m always unsure of what conversations to hold with her as an 11 year old girl what can I say and what. Can I not say?? Anyway if there is some weird typos in this I apologize this is my first post using the iPhone app!

Thanks as always for reading, feel free to comment or whatever, see you after a while.


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