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Its that time again!! GAME REVIEW!!

August 18, 2012

So for all of you who come here and read this, you probably know by now sometimes i like to play video games. Understatement of the year, i know, but every now and then i shoot you a game review and give you thoughts and opinions.  Mind you this is not a review as a whole, i haven’t beaten this game yet, and probably won’t since i only rented it, so up to where i’m at in the game is all i can talk about.  If you hate this kind of stuff, i’ll see ya next post!

If you’re still here lets get started:


So for those who are kinda like myself, you probably saw this and said “Damn, another GTA clone?! Fuck this!!”  this was my reaction but then after several reviews of “This game is worth a shot, it kinda does everything better/right compared to GTA or Saints Row” my curiosity was peeked.

The game starts out, and we see a drug deal going on, cops involved in kind of a sting operation.  The graphics don’t catch you as “WOW!” but you are happy with them.  So before you know it, the sting goes wrong and now you’re playing this guy in a chase scene, running from the cops.  Its awesome! Intense as you charge through different areas with a true feel of “GOTTA GET OUT!!” until the inevitable happens, you get caught.

Long story short you’re an undercover cop, who has just got back into town from the US.  Back in Hong Kong, you meet an old friend in jail and then get told about your mission, to get close to the triad and help bust these guys! Classic story, of course you have your own motives that you’ll learn about as the story goes on.

The game mixes chinese and English, in which you will have subtitles if you please, and it does this well.  Instantly the story is pretty believeable and easy to get behind.

On the surface, this is a GTA/Saints game, you can steal whatever car you want, or use the ones in your garage the usual.  But the breathe of fresh air is the combat.  I’ve been playing this for probably 6 hours or so and have yet to carry a gun, or even have one in combat.  Its all martial arts and shit, the way it handles the combat is the “Arkham Asylum” way of doing things (ALL GAMES ARE DOING COMBAT LIKE THIS NOW!) I can’t really blame them though, its an awesome system!  You can do cop missions and then Triad missions.  Triad missions progress the story more than the cop missions but you’ll want to play both.  You have two different level up bars one for the cops, one for the triad.   When you level up you gain a point in that respective field.  Then you have a “Face” meter.  The city strives on your help, so help people and this meter goes up and you get perks for doing this as well.  There are plenty of activities the city has to go mess with, so they can get repetetive if you’re a completionist but if you space these out, they are a refreshing change from the usual missions.

You start to like your character, i can’t spell his name properly, and i’m not looking it up but you’ll learn it fast.  Learn new martial arts moves, find some health shrines, beat the hell out of dudes and experience the story that has some real pull in it.  Its probably the first time ever in one of these games that i’ve said “I’m curious what happens to this guy in the end.”

I recommend you rent this if you’re not a huge GTA fan, or you aren’t a completionist because after the story runs out, i’m sure there isn’t much left here to do.  But i think this story will be one worth completing.

Thats about it, i don’t really wanna talk about the sound or graphics anymore at this point.  You should have a good grasp of what this game has to offer you.  Now that i’ve talked about it so much i think i wanna play some more, and kick some dudes in the face!!

Thanks for sticking around, and as always, thanks for reading!

For those of you who like it when i review games, i’ll be talking inFAMOUS2 once i beat it, it will be fun to tackle that as a whole!


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