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“No thought of him as it was done, a clean execution…”

August 22, 2012

Today went by rather quickly.  I woke up, Michelle was already gone to work, so I screwed around online for a while.  Watched JonTron, and Game Grumps for a bit, read up on Amy Winehouse, ya know, the usual.  Then it was off to work, a quick night and one that wasn’t so bad either.

The next few days seem like they’re going to be a bit busy.  Tomorrow, Michelle is off, and I hope she just enjoys a day of peace and whatever she wants to do.  I’m working another 3pm to close, but this time with LaDarius.

Thursday, i’m off but Michelle has to open.  So i’ll just kinda take it easy all day, but then as long as she gets home at a reasonable time, we will head to Gadsden to see my brother’s art show at the cultural arts center.

Then its off to Friday, its brother’s birthday, i really have no clue when i’ll actually see him for his birthday, but i want to get him a card and he is collecting the new ninja turtles figures so i’ll grab him one of those as well.

Tonight, listening to Silversun as i type out this blog (hence the title of this post) wondering how late to stay up, its almost 1am now, i kinda wanna play some minecraft, but at the same time, not really.  Don’t feel like firing up inFamous2 right now either, so what to do?  I need to write something, just don’t want too.  Isn’t that always how it goes?  So hopefully Armond will come to the house sometime soon and watch Breaking Bad with me, and maybe play some games or something.  Michelle passed out after dinner tonight, she was so sleepy.  I kinda wanna play some RockBand 3 but that might actually be to loud.  Oh well, i guess i’ll just play some MineCraft and listen to a podcast, sounds like a plan.


CM Punk Best in the World, and I agree whole heartedly. Straight Edge just means he’s better than you.  Not to mention, i think this past PPV marked his 1 year title reign.  CM Punk is the future of the business.


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