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So nice guys really do always finish last.

September 1, 2012

Ok so yesterday, lets think.  I opened with Clint, which was ok, and it was truck day, biggest truck in a while.  The work day was pretty good, nothing to report.  So i walk home, chill out in the house for a bit, michelle comes home.  We discuss that we need to do something awesome for ourselves, fast food wise, because we’ve been so broke lately, i concur.

Hardees has this new burger, we have a coupon so i’m gonna go pick it up! Get there and i’m instantly told “Sorry we don’t have that sandwich right now.” so i shrug it off and try to call michelle…no answer after 4 times of calling in a row.  It makes me pretty freakin mad honestly, i hate when she doesn’t answer her phone. So i have to drive home to see what she wants now, she says to just not go back to  hardees lets do something close, Burger King it is, we have coupons once again for the Marinara Chicken sandwich.

Cool, new game plan, i head out again.  Well the coupon for the sandwich doesn’t start until tomorrow so i can’t use it…damn.  Call michelle, she answers this time, changes her order and i move on.  Well at this point i realize on their board, which if you don’t know is like a digital board now, that the number 7 combo, is Free It says: Meal 0.00 Sandwich 0.00.  So i jokingly say “I’ll have the number 7 since its free.” she looks confused as hell, and also seems like a new girl as it is.  Of course she fumbles through her words but can’t give me the combo free.  I just say “Thats fine, its not what i want anyway.” i give her my real orders, and step to the side.

As I wait i began to read the menu closer, even the cinnabon stuff says 0.00 so the more i’m thinking the angrier i’m getting.  I think to myself “Why don’t i just pull out my phone, start recording and pitch a fit until i get all this food for free.”  But i don’t, instead i pull the manager aside and tell him whats going on “Oh man, i need to call my DM” so he pulls out the phone quickly and calls the guy up, and he begins to work on it.  In the very end, its been reported and now if its not fixed i will pitch a fit next time, but for now.  I didn’t get a free ice cream, up size on my combos, nothing at all just a “Thanks man i appreciate that”

So of course i never do anything with a reward of any sort in mind, but this is kinda bull shit.  I just saved you from someone honestly have a serious case against in text book false advertisement.  Hell had i been a meaner person about it, i could’ve busted it out right there.

Anyway, this is kinda the tale of my life.  If i felt like going back and telling all my stories, by the end, i could easily convince you that yes, nice guys ALWAYS finish last.

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