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When can I stop asking why? AKA The Story of my Life in the work Force – Part 1

September 2, 2012

Ok let me preface this with a few things.  I’m really sick in my stomach about a few things going on at work.  Its not just whats happening, its also my past that folds into making me so miserable about whats happening as well, this is part one of my Story in the Work force.


Lets kick it off with May 2005, I graduated from High School.  Out of the gate I had no interest in going to college at all, still don’t.  So my dream job was being a manager of a Gamestop Location, but that was a harder dream to make real than it seems.  So i was 18 with very little work experience, and it so happens that i applied at the right time to get a job in Gadsden, not far from my house, at a Used DVD,CD, and Game store called “Replays, Gameware”.

This was my foot in the door, and with the best boss in the world (still is the best boss i ever had), Chris, I was awesome at my job.  So my work ethic was strong, my dreams and potential were endless at this point, the sky was the limit.  After a year I was able to pull a raise out of the deal, my Boss fought and got me one, once again awesome guy.  So for probably that first year, it was the best job I have ever had to this date.  It was just me and Chris, so we covered the shift for the other when off days were needed.

Year Number 2 rolled around, and we hired at third man to our team, Brian…
Brian was an excellent worker, and an even better Friend.  Things were going smoothly.  Well Around the end of the Second year Chris decided that it was time to move on, and leave Replays behind.  I agreed with his decision, he had his problems.  As he left the place he shook my hand, hugged me, and told me that my future in the business was bright, he knew it.  And off walked the best boss ever.  The linger between who would take over, broken promises left and right, in walked the new manager, Colin.  I won’t post a picture here, because he blows.  In the middle of this second year, close to Chris leaving, Brian moved on, became a security guard.  After false promises, running all over the world for this company.  At about the 2 and a half year mark, i was forced out by Colin.

I did everything for this place, poured my heart and soul into it, struggled so hard for this, i deserved so much better, but was just kicked in the nuts and told to get out.  I left and had a good cry about it.

At this point in my life, my new Bride and I had moved to Jacksonville and had our own place.  So i finally caught a backdoor into Kay-Bee toys.  My friend Daniel worked there, so it was an easy in, that didn’t last long, it fell flat really fast, they cut my hours instantly.  Admittedly, i tried my best, but just couldn’t do that job very well, i was honest with myself.  So i quit.


Thats all for todays venture down memory lane, Part 2 may come later this evening or tomorrow, just depends on how my mood goes.  As always, thanks for reading, if you took the time and read this, you will slowly learn more about me if you don’t know me already, once again, thanks for reading.



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