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It was a nice break from the blog, but lets dive back in.

September 24, 2012

So so so so much going on in my head these days.  And just about every single day i say “Man! I need to go blog about this shit!” but never do.  So then I finally just decide out of the blue “Lets go blog” and i just do it.  The end result is a jumbled mess thats hard to tag and categorize.  So ya know what, lets shake things up, i have a few categories over here on the side and i’m just going to go down the list and talk about something involving each one, since there is so much to say

Cat. #1: Anger Management
So this week, Clint pissed me off, as usual, he clearly is afraid of me, or just completely takes me for granted.  So thats all i’m saying about that.  In other news, I bought Street Fighter X Tekken back from a closeout sale at Video Warehouse.  It is so fucking infuriating!!!  I just can’t seem to bullshit a combo out of this fucking system.  Its fun sometimes, the characters i want to play don’t have these hour long combos where your whole power bar is gone so you’re just no match.

Cat. #2: Comics
So after not showing my face for a few months at the comic book shop, they had to call me and ask me if i was ever coming back.  I felt horrible, so i took a bunch of Magic cards down there to trade in, and bought a good bit of my books they had been holding for me.  Before the Watchmen books are just amazing! The Ninja Turtles stuff is just getting better and better as well.

Cat. #3: Drama
Wow, ok, so you all know there are some politics going on.  We are looking to elect a new president of the USA.  Well its just drama city, I personally will leave it at this, I think we should vote for Obama.

Cat. #4: Family
So mom came to the house yesterday, she has a new puppy and is having kind of a hard time with it.  She is pretty much just dealing with having a puppy.  But all is well in this department…so it seems.  I miss my Cousin really bad, I wish she was closer.

Cat. #5: Foot Fetish
Nothing new on this front honestly, i still have a crazy foot fetish.  This isn’t news.  Michelle has gotten to where she will like half take off her sock but its still hanging on and for some reason it just blows my mind!

Cat. #6: Fun

Cat. #7: Life
Life is fairing pretty well these days, its just a roller coaster, or a jump rope, just up and down. I shaved yesterday…yep.

Cat. #8: Stories
I have this cool story in mind that i’ve been fucking with for a while.  Its a good idea in my eyes, but I just can’t seem to start it.  As with anything I want to write…lets move on, this makes me depressed.

Cat. #9: Uncategorized

Cat. #10: Video Games
Bought a few games at Video Warehouse, because as mentioned earlier, they’re closing.  Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record(FRANK!), SFxT.
All are super good, and playing as Frank West in Dead Rising 2 is just so satisfying, I think he might be my favorite Capcom character.

Cat. #11: Work
Work just sucks right now, as mentioned earlier once more, my boss just hates me all of the sudden.  Nothing I do is good enough, nothing I say is respected, its bullshit.  But at least I have one.


So there ya have it, that covers every categorie i have ever listed on this blog, hope you had some fun, and learned a little bit more about myself.

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