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Anime and You! …or ME rather.

October 1, 2012

So if you know me, you know that I like anime.  I enjoy a whole lot of great series!  But I also have my cons to anime as well, lets re-dub this entry as “The Pros and Cons of Anime”  So lets begin shall we?

Pros of Anime:
For starters I want to list a few series i’ll be talking about here in the pros of Anime section. Berserk, Black Lagoon,Akira,Prince of Tennis, and Zetman.

1. Anime is pretty much cartoons for grown ups.  Ya know how when you grow up, the stuff you thought was awesome isn’t so awesome anymore?  Anime trys to change that.  This is something you can be into and it be adult, showing blood, cursing,and having real issues or problems.

2. Anime also has a lot of super natural stuff too it.  Berserk is about a swords man who in the end *SPOILER ALERT* survives hell but loses the girl he loves in the process, deep stuff.

3. Anime is off the wall…this will come back as a con, but lets talk about the good in this.  It does things you wouldn’t expect to see.  Akira is a prime example of off the wall.  Crazy crazy shit happens in that movie, but its all really awesome!  As well as Zetman, it has insane stuff in it, lots of blood, and a deep story.

4. Anime is fun to get hooked on! Learning about these characters is amazing! Its a blast!  So much fun to watch, when done properly.

Animes that Did it right, and you should definitely try if you like serious tones and deep stories:
Deathnote,Gunslinger Girl, Dragonball Z,Berserk,Zetman,Black Lagoon.  I could go on, but thats just to name a few.

Cons of Anime:
To name a few series i’ll be listing here: Naruto,Inuyasha,One Piece.

1. Anime can have WAY TO MANY EPISODES! An not good episodes either.  When they just want to make more money off of something by just throwing episodes out…i’m looking at you Naruto…it gets annoying, especially when you know in the end none of it matters to the main story.

2. Anime can have a super cool story with cool characters and then its just WAY TO GOOFY!!  Whenever i’m sticking my neck out there to try a new anime, i’m always cautious about it going in.  I can’t stand for a super serious moment to be flat out ruined by the goofiest shit ever.  Or the coolest character who is just way to off the wall, Vash from Trigun is a prime example of that.

3. Anime can have way to many episodes, all that leads to SHITTY ENDINGS!  Now that i’m in this thing almost triple digits (no kidding Naruto is up to 300 or so) what happens if the ending is just pure shit? It happens a lot to anime.  Even average length animes(25 to 26 episodes) can end like shit, its just a risk you take.

Animes that kinda fell short of the mark but had so much potential:
Naruto & Bleach are all i can think of here.  Naruto is absolutely amazing if you just watch the first ark when they were all still kids.  It was soooooo good! Then it just blew up in everyones face after the jump to where they are older.  A lot of people disagree with me and just love this anime to death, but i just lost interest.


Lastly, I have to talk about Anime that, by all rights, I should hate with a passion, but actually really love.  Not many make this list mind you.

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt:
The title alone makes you say “WTF?!?!” I only recommend this show for Male viewers.  Its very heavy on fan service, and its super dirty.  Its not a kids anime by any stretch of the imagination.  They cuss like crazy, show all kinds of scantly clad women, and sometimes even nudity.  Its goofy as hell, and knows what it is.  I guess thats why I like it.  Its not afraid to say “We are a naughty show, for adults only, and goofy as hell.”  I’m still watching this one, and it cracks me up sometimes, and makes me have a stiffy that i know i shouldn’t have others.

Now this one is way different.  I’ve only seen a few episodes of this one, because my wife likes it a whole lot.  But what little i saw, i wanted to see more.  Nana is more of a love story, mixed with goofy elements and rock bands.  But for some reason, i want to see more.

Well thats about it for now, if you don’t like Anime at all, i don’t really know whats wrong with you? LOL, just kidding, i just think Anime has something for everyone.  Hope you enjoy reading subtitles, and as always, thanks for reading!


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