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Oh hey Blog…I didn’t see you standing there…

October 23, 2012

Just gonna pretend that i post on a regular basis, Halloween is on the rise!!  With Halloween coming up I am underwhelmed.  The excitement of Halloween was always getting candy and dressing up.  Then it became dressing up and going to my cousin’s Halloween party.  This year? Probably working…yeah I’ve got nothing.  Even if I am off on Halloween, I won’t dress up, nor will i trick or treat.  I usually find something scary to do/play/read.  So i’m open to suggestions, might try to find a scary game on the cheap to play in honor of the scary holiday.

Halloween has always been a great time to be had for everyone!  I’ve always felt those people who say its the “devil’s holiday” were kinda crazy.  Its all just fun and games, it can go overboard, don’t get me wrong, but its all just fun and games.  Also gives women a reason to just dress like a slut for a night, so thats always fun.  What truly confuses me, is when I see an outfit…say like this:

Why do I get like insta-boner?  For all of you that know me, you know Captain America is my favorite super hero, but does that really mean I want to fuck a chick dressed as him?  I guess so, my dick says hell yeah!

Anyway, in other news.  Fall is here, its getting colder, thank God, as much as I love the cold weather, there is one thing thats sad about it, flip flop season is over.  Now i’ll still occasionally see the brave one still wearing flip flops, but its hit or miss on the feet, just depends really.  So we say goodbye to the heat as well as flip flop season, and hello to the cold and Halloween season.

Until next season, have a happy Halloween and enjoy your winter weather! See ya!!




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