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The quiet guy, standing in the corner, at your party.

October 28, 2012

I’ve always been the quiet guy.  You invite me to a party, i’ll be there, it will be fun, but i’ll just be standing in a corner watching the party as it goes on.  But its so funny that the quietest guy always has the worst thoughts in his head, let me explain.

I have this crazy hatred for about 95% of my high school graduating class.  You would never really know it, but I think horrible things about these people…a lot.  People that continue to hurt Michelle, they make me hate them with the fury of a million suns.  But still i stand, quiet, in a corner,and watching.  My anger scares me most times, but the other times I embrace it.

Its just so amazing to me sometimes how cool i can be on the outside but on the inside just be on fire with all kinds of things to say and all kinds of hatred to spew.  Hatred is a strong word, but i feel i’m using it correctly here.  I know as a Christian we aren’t supposed to “hate” anyone, but its a struggle for me.

Anyway, just some thoughts.  On the lighter side of things, it kinda reminds me of the hulk, maybe without the super strength, but lets all just keep our fingers crossed that I don’t actually snap one day and wipe out NYC.

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