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Lessons in being a decent Human: Lesson 2 – Be nice to everyone

December 2, 2012

Now this one goes without saying, but lets talk about this anyway.  I’ve worked in retail for about 6 years now…6 years.  I know there are people out there that have worked much long than me, but I feel this needs to be said.  I work for Dollar General at the moment so i’ll use some examples from there.

1.) If the person greets you, speak back to them.  Even if you’re having the crappiest day imaginable, all that person is doing is trying to greet you and make you feel welcome in the store.  They could be having just as bad a day as you are, but they’re just doing their job.  And by not speaking to them, even with a simple “Fine.” anything, you’ve made their day worse, and now they don’t like you very much.

2.) If the cashier sticks his or her hand out to take your money, put the money in their hand.  I can’t tell you how much this pisses me off.  If I put my hand out there, i’m wanting to accept your money.  When you throw it on the counter still, after just looking at my hand, thats dis-respect.  It pisses me off and just makes me want to be an ass to you right back.

3.) If you feel like the price it rang up is wrong, be nice about how you respond.  If the price is wrong, politely say “Hey, I think that rang up more than it said on the shelf, can we check that and make sure?” don’t just assume you’re right.  It could’ve been in the wrong spot due to another crappy customer.  You only make the situation worse when you assume you’re right, and even go about it with arrogance.  The chances are, that cashier isn’t even in charge of price changing and its not their fault at all.

I could go on and on and on, but these are just examples of ways to be a nicer person.  Everyone has crappy days, not everyone wants to be a super smiling person all the time.  But the more you are, the better you can make of bad situations.  Being a nice person requires nothing special, or extra.  Just be nice, not just to the employees of the establishment you’re visiting, but to everyone.

Being nice is always my plan, you never know, you could be the last mean person that pushes that person off the edge.  It sounds ridiculous, but its freakin true.  I can’t tell you how many times that one person who was just a total ass to me, set me off and ruined the rest of my day.

Moral of the Lesson:

This is pretty straight forward, just be nice, kind, and respectful to everyone.  Don’t allow yourself to be that persons last straw.  Also understand that if you are a nice person, not everyone around you is wanting to be nice as well.  Nice people normally have a harder road, than assholes.  Sad, but true.

Thanks again as always for reading, I hope you go out in the world today and just be a nicer person.

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