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New Heroes Unlimited Campaign!!

January 14, 2013

So my best friend Daniel told me he had a few guys that would be interested in being in a Heroes campaign.  Of course because i’m so hard to deal with I was wary of new people, that i’ve never met, coming to the house.  But Michelle said lets do it so we did! Today was the first day!

The names are as follows, the first name is the guys real name, the second name is the name of the character he plays:

Adam – Norah:

Norah is a 17 year old girl who was traumatized as a child around Age 5 and is forever stuck in the mindset of a 5 year old.  Adam definitely knows all the rules and ways of his character, he is really funny and cool to have around!

Brian – Jack:

Jack is a guy whos life pretty much has fallen to shit and put him in a dark hole.  He eventually stumbles upon a book shop that gives away one of these “special” books to him which grants him the powers of a mage!  Brian is the “game over man” player, gives up when anything bad happens, but he is really funny, and fun to be around.

Casey – Pepe Cruise

He is a Mexican Luchador, he can hulk out into this monsterous form and leap crazy high into the air to do wrestling moves on the enemies, he is a tank and a badass.  Casey is really cool, he seems to enjoy the game a whole lot, and plays his character really well, cool dude!

Daniel – Charles Cash

Cash was a bomb disposal guy, when a weird bomb went off in his face but was actually of an alien origin causing a symbiote worms to get into his blood stream, he can morph into a crazy computer thing, pretty awesome! Daniel is my best friend, he is always a blast to play heroes with!

This first session was cool, got to know everyone, as a person, and their characters.  Cool people, we had a good time.  I just hope they don’t see me as a flawed GM like I do, but either way, they seemed to have fun!

Nat 20 moments:
A lot happened tonight in the way of Nat 20s so i’ll do my best to recall them:

Brian/Jack called down a lighting bolt that split an alien hover bike in two, sending it all plummeting to the ground.

Adam/Norah took the remains of a shattered bike and used it to encase one of the aliens to use as a better test subject.

Casey/Pepe pretty much sesmic tossed an alien and landed on him crushing him like a bug.

Thats all i can really think of at the moment.  It was a blast and I hope to be able to write more of these blogs detailing our stay in Saint Mount with these characters.  Now to figure out a new scenario and see what our Heroes can do under different types of pressure.


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