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Lets vent for a little and just discuss a few things.

January 19, 2013

First off, to get into the right train of thought for this post, look up “Sowing Season” by the band “Brand New” I’ll give you a second to que it up.

…ok cool lets go!

I’ve had about as much as I can stand when it comes to work and just being screwed all the freakin time!  Candice bitches about closing 4 days in a row? Come talk to me when you have two weeks of it under your belt.  I’ve also had enough of the attitude, you’ve been with us what, 4 months now?  And just because you got promoted so fast doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do or not to do.  Just stop being such a bitch.  Constant whining and complaining about BS that has no merit.  We’ve done all the shit you’re bitching about multiple times, come talk to me when you’ve experienced it as much as I have or any of us for that matter.  Case and point, you should’ve never been promoted over me, which brings me to my next person, Clint.

Clint is my boss.  He is an awesome dude, fun to talk to, fun to be around, but as a manager, a leader, and a boss, he sucks.  Clint does a good job in just about every category except for being a leader.  I just don’t know why the hell he thought promoting Candice over me was ever a good idea, thats where I’m faulting him.

Marlene, all i’m gonna say is, just quit toying with me, tell me the truth weather you think i’ll like it or not, nuff said.

Ok all you people out there still hating on Obama, accept facts, he is the president lets just hope he does his best.  And yes I did vote for him, he will make mistakes and he will make good decisions, cut the guy a break.  I’m so sick and tired of seeing stupid fucking post on facebook about it, mainly from my mother in law, and my wife’s uncle.  Deal with it, shut the fuck up, no one wants their news feed flooded with your bullshit.  Lets just be positive and hope for the best.  I’m a firm believer in just be happy, just chill out, just do what you do and enjoy it!  I play games, and write short storys, guess what, i’m happy.  I laugh at stupid shit with my wife, and enjoy being with her.  Life is what you make it, if you’re constantly unhappy or pissed off at the government then thats your life.  Misery, bitterness, and just hate.  Hate breeds hatred, just understand that.

Switching songs now, same band song title is “Vices”, so anyway…ya know what lets post links here for those two songs.  Ignore the actual video part.

So just recently called to get my box to fix my PS3, still have blurays I’ve yet to watch that I got for christmas because my PS3 crapped out a few days before.  Still waiting a miniature I ordered and a web cam I ordered as well.  Playing to much black ops, prestige 4 currently, anywhos.  Enjoy the rest of the song, if its ended already, hope you enjoyed it!  Listening to them again, as well as Kate Nash and Regina Spektor, all really awesome stuff.

new dante 2Gotta play the new DmC, just haven’t had the funds to yet…someday


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