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Kind of a heavy handed post last time, lets bounce back to what i’m really about.

January 31, 2013

So I finally got a good enough check to get my hands on the new “Devil May Cry”! Entitled “DmC: Devil May Cry”.  So DmC is a reboot of a franchise by Capcom, I love Capcom, and they wanted a new spin on the story so they threw the task of this to “Ninja Theory” which made Ninja Gaiden and a few other things, but Ninja Gaiden is really what got them this gig if you will.  So a reboot is supposed to be just that, a new look at the series, a fresh start.  Well it absolutely was, and let me go ahead and say that I did indeed play all the Devil May Cry games and Dante is a really cool character but its been time to change him for a while now.  So with that said I loved DmC!!

So for those who don’t know, old Dante looks like this:
old danteand new Dante looks like this:
new dante 2So there is a large difference but I felt like at first sight, new Dante felt more like a real person.  Anyway, I won’t get all deep into how its changed and what the story did differently and all that, I didn’t want this to be a review of the game, but to bring me to this.

There was a petition put up on Washington’s web page to take the new DmC off the shelves, why? because Ninja Theory changed Dante.  Because Ninja Theory changed Dante and they felt like it was horrible to their fans.

Ok as a gamer we already have bad stereotypes about us.  We are already in the bottom of the barrel and need to claw our way up and out of the hole people normally throw us in.  Why in fucks name would you go and make a stupid petition like this, and make us look that much worse?!  With all the serious problems going on in our country right now you go and do this?!?!  What a slap in the face to the real problems our president has to face every day!  Anyway, it was ignorant and probably even set us back further in our cause to make the world take us seriously.

Thanks for reading as always!
P.S.  I feel like the reviews by gaming sites out there have hit the nail on the head with this game.  If you want a review of DmC go to, I feel their review was the most accurate of how I felt about it.


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