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Lets take an interesting look at Racism.

January 31, 2013

Let me preface this entire post by saying I am in no ways a racist towards Black people.  I have problems with every race, not just one specific one.  I always stay neutral and I don’t like the white trash whites as much as they don’t like the idiots of their kind.  So with that being said let me dig into this topic here.

So a good while back, almost a year ago now I think, it was mom’s birthday and she wanted to go see the new Tyler Perry movie called “Good Deeds”  I have seen some of TP’s stuff and have enjoyed some of it, so why not.  So we go and see it, its not my favorite movie, matter of fact, it isn’t very good at all.  But something jumped right out at me, let me explain the story a little to you.

TP plays a guy who is super smart, owns this business and has his problems with his brother.  A janitor works for his company, she has a hard life, a single mom, just has it rough as it is.  And along the process of the story she starts to fall in love with TP’s character.  TP’s character has a fiance as well, but seems bored with her, as she is with him, and this new janitor girl sparks something in him that he never saw coming.  So its a basic story, all around.

The problem I have with it, is the fact that every single bad thing that happens to the woman in the movie is done by a white person.  AKA all the whites in this movie are mean, stupid, or just plain ignorant.  Let me site references if you would like to check it out.

Evil White Person Number 1:
Old white landlord says she will be evicted if she doesn’t pay up soon, and he is just sick of her crap.  She arrives home a little later in the movie to find the old man again, and he has thrown all her stuff out on the sidewalk.  He tries to be sorry but she just won’t have it.

Evil White Person Number 2:
She comes in to get her check from an old mean white lady at the desk and with no remorse says IRS grabbed a majority of her check and refuses everything she says.  She is completely un-caring and doesn’t even want to help.  So in the process she parks in the “Bosses” spot (TP) his brother calls a toe truck to come get the car. Guess what…

Evil White Person Number 3:
White dude here to tow her car, and the only thing that talks him down is TP’s character.

Evil White Person Number 4:
She takes her kid to school, late as usual.  The WHITE principal says that this is becoming a habit and its got to stop and that this is a warning.  Once again unwavering in her words and completely just mean.

Stupid Arogant White guy Number 1:
This power couple gets chewed out about the purchase of their company by TP’s company.  They are belittled and even talked down too.

Evil White Person Number 5:
She has to sleep in a shelter, that a nice black lady made an exception for her to come back later that night, and she is attacked, attempted rape, by a hobo white guy.

Evil White Person Number 6:
Social worker comes to take her child away, starts out nice, but ends up frustrated and just angry.  She takes her away in the middle of a crying hug, its time to go.  White woman again.


So persecution goes both ways.  When black people complain that i’m racist because i won’t “Return your item” or wants to say they got pulled over instead of me because I was white and they were black.  In one of the biggest media monsters Tyler Perry, the powerful black man of the Hollywood makes a movie.  All the people that screw this lady over are white people, and all the nice people are black people.  So it seems persecution sits on both sides of the fence.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed this inciteful look at a Tyler Perry movie.


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  1. I’d hardly call the existence of this movie “persecuting” you.

    This really wasn’t an interesting take on racism, it sounded more like someone whining because a bit too much reality was in their movie and they didn’t like it. I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find plenty of movies with white people being nice and black people being evil to placate your sensibilities. If one movie throws you off this far, I’d hate to think what you’d do if you were ever the actual minority in a country…

    • I think you miss my point. This movie by no means “Threw me off” I live in a place where Racism against blacks is a real thing, and it breaks my brain to think there are people still this ignorant in the world. And you’re right, i’m sure there are plenty of movies that would take the other way around and all the black people are evil. And somewhere else in the world there is a black person having this same discussion about a different movie. Let me also be clear about this one too, I didn’t feel persecuted, i merely said “Persecution sits on both sides of the fence” which is insanely true, work in retail long enough and you’ll experience this almost on a daily basis. I never said it persecuted me as an individual. And in all honesty, maybe persecution is the wrong word, but just the one I thought of. Anyway, it was just way to convenient for all the horrible people in this movie to be white people, that was the point. And I don’t need any movie to “placate my sensibilities” this was a mere observation.

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