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I’m just gonna leave this here…

February 2, 2013

I think i’ve been playing way to much DmC and i’m pretty damn sure thats where this probably came from, thanks for reading and enjoy!


“GOD DAMNIT THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” He screamed out as loud as he could “I’m only here because of you, had you never asked for my help I wouldn’t be here!” Screaming out again he sweeps everything off the desk, computer monitor and all come crashing to the ground. Several things become projectiles across the room leaving impressions in the wall.

“Please calm down! I didn’t know this would happen!”

“FUCK YOU! How could you have not known this would happen? You asked me to step into the abyss one last time to help you and now you’re saying you didn’t know this could happen, just fuck you…” sighing deeply he pulls the pistol out of the top desk drawer and points it at her.

“So killing me is the answer?”

“It was 10 years ago, why wouldn’t it be now?” without hesitation a shot rattles off, one bullet through her temple as she slumps hard to the ground. “See you on the other side…” He steps over the body walking out of the room only to have all eyes on him. Several people have retreated to the safety under their desks.

“Nothing to see here people…back to wor…” his sentence is cut short as one person in the back of the office screams out and charges at him on all fours screeching now at the top of his lungs. Firing off several shots he rolls out of the way as it pounces and makes a bolt for the nearest window. Putting a few bullets into the window he springs out of it.

As he plummets to the ground from 20 stories high he reloads his weapon and repositions himself to look up with pistol pointed at his exit point. “Come on!” he screams out almost instantly the man on all fours, now with pitch black, eyes dives out after him, falling towards him much faster than he is falling, taking several bullets on the way down. The man finally latches onto him and screeches a horrible sound right in his face.

“GET OFF ME!” he cries out as he struggles to break free, realizing it won’t be long until he hits the ground. Then from out of nowhere he hears her voice.

“You’re such a dick Janz!” A spirit looking girl whips by jerking the strange man off of him and slinging him like a baseball, so far that he gets lost from view, and turns around to catch Janz and take him safely to the ground.

“Thanks, I didn’t know if you’d make it or not.”

“Don’t talk to me, I should’ve let you plummet to your death.”


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