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Indie Game Review “Bleed” on Xbox Live

February 3, 2013

I don’t do very many reviews, I don’t feel i’m that good at them honestly, but lets dive into this because I feel everyone should know the coolness that is “Bleed”.

bleed box artSo Bleed is an Xbox Live Indie game, not arcade, don’t get it twisted.  From the cover you can tell its in a cool 8-bit style, and the music is amazing!!  Old 8-bit sound, and man its awesome, the sound in this game is easily a 10 out of 10 no doubt about it.

Bleed is a dual stick shooter, staring Wryn (pictured above) Wryn remembers the days of Heroes, but those days were long ago.  The hall of heroes has not seen a new inductee in years, but thats gonna change.  All the old heroes are either washed up, or turning a little crooked, Wryn wants to take them all out and become the new Hero of Heroes!  Not to mention the first inductee into the Hall of Fame in years!  So there is your story.

The main screen is a notebook page and she writes out the first heroes name, you can select the stage to enter it and go take down that hero, or press Y to find out more info on the hero.  Which I highly recommend doing this because the “Info” is clever and cute, it also adds more story to what you’ll encounter in the level.

Once you select the level you have a dual stick control of your character.  The left stick moves Wryn, the right stick fires the weapon you have in hand, as long as you’re holding it down she will shoot in that direction, the Right trigger jumps, which you can jump three times, almost as a dash after three times she will fall.  When you hold down the left trigger you go into a bullet time mode, which is awesome, super useful, and mega awesome!!  There were times when I slowed things down to dodge several bullets at the last second and take out my foe, awesome stuff!

Bleed Gameplay

At the end of each level you’ll get points based on how well you did, and how many times you died.  This game is freakin tough, even on normal, so your score will probably be hurt based on the multiple times you died.  The game balances this with a cool checkpoint system, and doesn’t punish you to much.  These points can be used to purchase new weapons, upgrades to health, and upgrades to slow-mo time.  I found the other weapons to be lack-luster, and stuck to the pistols for a majority of the game, but I plan on trying different weapons more on my second play through.

For 5 bucks, Bleed is awesome! The commentary she does is funny, the boss fights are really fun, and the game is a challenge.  Start out on Normal if you want that real challenge, but if thats to much, drop to easy.  This game takes maybe an hour or so to beat, depending on your level of difficulty.  The cool moments you’ll have, and the soundtrack to fall in love with will make you wanna play bleed at least two more times.  For an Indie game this is great, imagine what this person could do with a real budget to make an Arcade game.

9 out of 10

Bleed is awesome for the price!



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