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Wow Miley, what happened? I like it!

February 8, 2013

So I know its crazy for me to do a blog post on Miley Cyrus.  Her songs were always so just Pop and ridiculous.  So you imagine my surprise when i’m at work today and see the cover of the new Cosmo.

Miley CosmoPardon my french but, HOLY SHIT!  When did she get smoking hot?!?! GEEZ!  So of course I saw this and had to read the article.  Of course I was in it for more pictures too, but the article was interesting as well.  Didn’t get to read it all, but she is supposedly making a new CD thats influenced by Rap/Metal music.  And it could just be the shallowness inside of me that says “That might be good” but you can’t deny how hot she is…OMG let me show you a couple of pics from the inside.

Miley Cosmo 2


Miley Cosmo 3Ok Miley, you have my attention.  Anyone else think this is a good route for her to take?  I know she might get mixed into the wrong things, but I feel like every single time you put a child and make that child a star (Hannah Montana) you are warping that person to begin with, so show us your true self Miley, don’t hold back.

Thanks for reading as always! Comments are appreciated, I would love to hear everyone elses feelings on this, male and female alike.




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